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    Hannah King

    Graduate Intern

    Do you ever feel weighed down by societal expectations, like nobody understands you? Maybe you’re feeling overwhelmed by a big life change, such as starting college or adapting to life with a disability? Let’s talk about it!

    When life takes an unexpected turn and you feel like you’re losing control, therapy can help you build resilience and confidence to face these challenges. Together, we’ll identify your innate strengths and resources and create a toolkit of effective coping skills. My counseling style is non-judgmental, creative, and genuine. You are safe to un-mask and embrace your authentic self with me. Can’t sit still for an hour? That’s okay! I use a collaborative, person-centered approach, tailored to your individual needs. 

    My areas of specialization include neurodivergence (particularly ADHD and Autism), anxiety, self-esteem, chronic illness, chronic pain, and disability. I identify as disabled and neurodivergent, and my own experiences with chronic pain and living with a disability led me to pursue a career dedicated to alleviating its impact. Through therapy, I can help you advocate for yourself (including identifying and requesting work and school accommodations), liberate yourself from internalized ableism, and make peace with your body. 

    I will graduate with my master’s in Rehabilitation Counseling from Western Washington University in Aug. 2024. Outside of work, I enjoy going out dancing with friends, cuddling my two cats, getting creative in the kitchen, cycling, and long walks with a good audiobook.