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    Jasmine Batchelder

    Individual and Relationship Therapist,
    Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Associate

    Hello there! I’m Jasmine (she/her/ella): a warm, creative, resourceful, gentle, silly, & joyful person/therapist. I identify as a Queer, Latinx/Caucasian, neurodivergent, fat, chronic pain-battling, HSP (Highly Sensitive Person), Californian cat lover who now lives in the PNW & loves meeting with other humans who are ready to do some emotional & behavioral sifting & sorting (whew)! I most enjoy working with older teens, young adults, & adults. I worked in community mental health for many years with children & families, & have now found my groove in meeting with young adults & Gen-Z/Millennials, helping them figure out their identities, holding space for their traumas, & gently encouraging their continued growth & evolution.

    As a fellow humxn trying to survive (& thrive!) in our world, I have the compassion & understanding of how tough it can be just to exist, feeling like we’re constantly challenged by our circumstances & environments. I seek to learn about who my clients are, what & who else have shaped them, throw some cool brain/body facts into the mix, & problem-solve with them to make changes big & small that benefit their lives. I aim to make my clients feel comfortable enough to share about themselves while they rant, laugh, cuss, or cry during our time together. I love using humor & creativity in my sessions with clients, through art or releasing a good belly laugh or tension in our shoulders when we’re reminded to breathe. Some of the most beautiful things I’ve ever witnessed have happened during therapy–those “Aha!” moments when someone understands why they do something, or where a fear comes from, or when they realize they have had the answers inside themselves all along. Sometimes it takes a friend with a shovel (or a therapist with some degrees & stuff) to help you go spelunking in your mind & extract the gold nuggets of wisdom & healing for your heart. We all deserve to have that space & time to self-reflect, understand our origin stories, & figure out how to be happier, more fulfilled people!

    I studied Marriage & Family Therapy & School/Career Counseling, so I will spend time asking you about your childhood, family, most impactful experiences, & help you get unstuck if you’re feeling confused about your personal identity, relationships, or college & career path. I provide Gender-Affirming care, use Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy, Feminist Therapy, & Trauma-Informed, Social-Justice, & Person-Centered approaches (among others) to guide our conversations & am happy to make adjustments to best fit your unique needs. Let’s chat about your life, improve your communication & connection with others, (re)discover yourself, & how to utilize your unique personality, skills, & talents for awesome things! Every person contains multitudes & I’m honored to be a support for you to unearth your hidden treasures. Are you feeling ready? Maybe even a little (or a lot!) scared? That’s okay! If you’re willing to try your best, even on the bad days, therapy can help you feel & be better. Let’s explore together!

    When not therapist-ing, I’m often smelling the delicious salty ocean air from my hammock, playing with my 3 kitties, nerding out about pop culture/movies/music, reading books & tarot, laughing at memes or silly animal videos, & getting crafty with the newest art project of the month. I also enjoy spending time with friends & my partner, researching for funzies, & continuing to improve my own mental health (therapists need therapists, too!) while I’m still in fine feather. I look forward to hearing all about your life & the things that make you feel joy, too!