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    Frankie Beach

    Graduate Intern

    Hello! My name is Frankie and I am a Masters level Clinical Graduate Student at Smith College. My approach to mental health therapy is trauma-informed, client-centered and takes into account various modalities of healing such as art and music therapy. As a singer-songwriter, I believe in the power of creating music and art as transformative practices to tell our stories and uncover deeply rooted beliefs, fears, and vulnerabilities. I believe that people express themselves and process their experiences in different ways, and I aim to honor this reality in my practice. 

    As a queer identifying woman, I am interested in liberation models of examining our lives and our relationships. I bring a perspective that is open-minded, investigative, and collaborative, and that is accepting of a multitude of relationship styles and ways of viewing the world. I value helping people find meaning, joy, and pleasure in their lives, especially in an economic system that does not prioritize these essential experiences of living and can bring up feelings of inadequacy, stress, or hopelessness. In a therapeutic relationship, my approach is curious and warm: I encourage depth of exploration into family systems, past events, and relationships, while striving to maintain a space that is safe and supportive enough to delve into vulnerable topics.