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    Jennifer Lee

    Founder and Owner
    Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

    I was considering putting a lot of info here about my education and work history but then I got to thinking – what do clients REALLY want to know? Yes, you want to know I’m experienced, have all my credentials in line and that I keep up to date on trainings etc. but you’re also wondering if I can really understand what’s going on in your life and if I can relate to you and help you.

    Well I want you to know that I get it. I know that life can suck and there is a way it can feel better.

    I understand that life can be really rough sometimes and even though it’s hard to reach out and get help therapy can make a difference. I know what it’s like to feel like there’s chaos all around you and you’re not sure what to do next. To be worried about your son, or daughter or parent or spouse – and to not know what to do to help them. What It’s like to want a way out when you’re feeling trapped by it all.

    Clients who come to me tell me they are feeling overwhelmed and unhappy with their current situations. They know they want something to change but often feel they don’t know how to start. Sometimes they’ve met with other therapists but didn’t quite feel understood or listened to.

    I help people who are feeling stuck in their lives find a way out.  No, I don’t claim to have all the answers, but I am good at helping guide you in the direction that is right for you. I’m a therapist who participates in the room with you. I ask questions, listen intently, give suggestions and sometimes even crack a joke. I’m not judgmental and I am experienced in working with folks from the LGBTQ community, as well as those in non-traditional family/relationship structures. In our work together there will be laughter, there may be tears and sometimes a swear word or two. The process of therapy can be challenging – but if you’re really ready to work on the problems in your life and make changes I’d love to help you.

    You may not have been to therapy before and the whole idea might seem a little weird. Trust me, it can help. I’ve helped hundreds of people make big changes in their lives.  Over here you can find some answers to questions people often have about the process.

    Here’s more info (including jargon, education and experience!)

    I hold an undergraduate degree in Human Services from The George Washington University in Washington, DC and a Master’s degree in Social Work from the Smith College School for Social Work in Northampton, Massachusetts. My experience and expertise in child and adolescent mental health has allowed me to become a Child Mental Health Specialist (CMHS) in the state of Washington. I am also a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker (LICSW) in Washington State. In 2007 I completed Smith College’s Advanced Certificate in Clinical Supervision and have been providing clinical supervision to social workers and master’s level therapists for over thirteen years.

    Throughout my professional career, I have worked with a variety of people in different settings including hospitals, schools, social service agencies, and private practice. I have had the opportunity to provide therapy to people of many ages including preschoolers, teens, and adults of all ages. I strive to take into consideration my client’s cultural experiences and am comfortable with people from diverse backgrounds and lifestyles.

    In the therapy room, I help people who’ve gone through rough times in their past – such as childhood abuse, domestic violence, growing up with an alcoholic parent; and people who are currently going through difficult times – challenging relationships, the stress of parenting, family members with mental illness or substance abuse issues.

    I have also done extensive work with disaster mental health response, providing mental health services to survivors of hurricanes Katrina and Rita as well as to first responders to the hurricanes. I traveled to Louisiana in the aftermath of hurricane Katrina in August of 2005, where I worked with the Red Cross, and later returned to New Orleans to provide services through the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Association (SAMHSA).

    I’m a past board member and Chair of the Associates Committee of the Washington State Society for Clinical Social Work and consider myself lucky that my practice provides an opportunity for me to work with new therapists and therapists in training providing them clinical supervision. I have also been a Field Liaison for the Social Work Program at Seattle University and a Practicum Instructor for students at University of Washington, Smith College, Boston University, Eastern Washington University, and Antoich University.