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    Taylor Saunders

    Individual Therapist,
    Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

    People often come to me seeking therapy because they are ready for change. Some people know exactly what they want to change in their lives while others are still exploring. Either way, it’s often very intimidating to begin therapy, even if you’ve done it before. Changing anything about one’s life can be an intimidating process. It’s very important to find a therapist that you trust.

    My goal in working with my clients is not to mold them into one particular kind of person. In our work together my clients and I move beyond simply diagnosis and recovery from a diagnosis. Alleviating symptoms of depression, anxiety, and other mental health conditions is important. You deserve relief! However, I also strongly believe that there is not just ONE right way to have a body or mind. What brings you happiness, fulfillment, and peace may be different from the person next to you. While we all have universal needs, we all have different approaches to meeting those needs.

    Neurodiversity and body liberation are the principles on which my work is founded. By knowing yourself better, you have the opportunity to live your fullest life. An important part of therapy is not just “fixing” what’s “wrong” but harnessing your unique strengths. Silver linings and positive thinking only get you so far. Similarly, pushing through the pain and ignoring what hurts doesn’t work either. Instead, it’s about becoming empowered to take action, find meaningful connections, and be in the driver’s seat of your life.

    I practice from a trauma-informed and anti-oppressive perspective. In my work with clients, I use evidence-based practices. In other words, I only use therapeutic approaches that have been proven to work not just in theory but in *real-life* settings. Most importantly, I adapt my approach to fit your individual needs. I enjoy working with clients who ask questions and I’m not afraid to explore the “why” of therapy. I enjoy working with teens and adults of all genders.

    In my own life, I have a number of hobbies and interests outside of the world of therapy. I can spend hours talking about the funny things my dogs do and what I’m currently growing in my garden. You can often find me haunting antique stores, checking out new restaurants, and buying too many craft supplies. Ultimately, I do this work because it is personal. I don’t think people should have to carry the burdens of life alone. It is an honor to work with people in this way.

    I look forward to supporting you on your journey!