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    Misha Speck

    Individual and Relationship Therapist, Mental Health Counselor Associate License

    I’m a mental health counselor associate committed to serving members & relationships within the LGBTQ+ community to become stronger, more self confident, and fully able to achieve our dreams and reach our goals. My work focuses on attachment and building secure attachment to ourselves and others. I believe in my clients’ own expertise on their lives, a collaborative relationship, and an authentic unconditional positive regard. 

    Relationship therapy is one of the services I offer. I enjoy counseling all relationships and have a speciality in those within the non-monogamy spectrum.

    I’m determined to nurture a healing and genuine therapeutic relationship with my clients, and have a passion for providing members of my own community with resources they need to both survive and thrive as their truest selves.

    If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with me, please send an appointment request.