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    Misha Speck

    Individual and Relationship Therapist,
    Mental Health Counselor Associate License

    Misha Speck is currently accepting new clients, however she is prioritizing her limited availability to specific clients.  While gender and gender identities are constant themes in the transgender community, she is currently prioritizing working with transgender clients who have been actively transitioning for a number of years, and are engaged and connected with the transgender community. She is also looking to work with first generation American transgender clients, indigenous and/or transgender people of color and transgender teens.

    I am proud to specialize in serving fellow members of the LGBTQ community. While I aim to serve all populations, I believe as a trans woman I am uniquely positioned to understand the diverse and specialized needs those in our community need when it comes to mental healthcare providers. I aim to foster a collaborative and non-hierarchical position as a therapist. I believe my clients’ ultimately have the insight they need to grow, heal, and become their best selves.

    I aim to provide a collaborative relationship with my clients that’s rooted in an unconditional positive regard. I believe my clients are the experts in their lives and aim to be a co-pilot in my clients’ journey. As an Emotionally Focused therapist, I offer a safe environment to explore, repair, and strengthen our natural ability to connect with each other.

    I view mental health as the product of our environment. I believe our current social environment is the cause of much pain and distress. I believe in unpacking and repairing the pain we inherit from our environment and strengthening resilience and building wellness. I am passionate about my work, and am excited to walk alongside your path towards healing.

    If you’re interested in scheduling a consultation with me, please send an appointment request.