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    Kylie Brief

    Individual Therapist
    Licensed Social Work Associate Independent Clinical

    You’re here. This is a big step worthy of acknowledgment. Teens and adults entering therapy with me are often searching for something. Maybe you know what you’re searching for, or maybe you’re unsure. You are welcome in this space at any stage of readiness. We can embark on this journey together.

    Therapy is a radical act. It is a place to make meaning of your experiences, to challenge beliefs that are no longer serving you, and to take steps towards finding peace, joy, and fulfillment. It can be overwhelming to commit to this work—know that you will set the pace and steer the ship. I enter this space with you as a compassionate witness. I believe folks often know what they need but haven’t been asked (or asked themselves). Learning to trust your instincts about your needs is a skill we can practice together.

    Life is full of complexities. It is not uncommon to develop coping skills to deal with big emotions, traumatic past experiences, situational stress, and oppressive environments. However, sometimes we face negative consequences from our coping skills and are ready to say goodbye to them. Coping skills like substance use, self-harm, and eating disordered behavior do not develop in a vacuum and may take more than a perspective shift to change. Let’s explore skills that adapt to your current circumstances without judging what you’ve done to survive. This work feels easier with self-compassion, and I will meet you with no judgment.

    Disability justice and collective liberation from identity/body-based oppression guide my practice. I want folks to feel comfortable exploring their identities and embodiment with someone who affirms them. I also believe that everyone is entitled to accessibility and inclusion, and I invite you to share with me your spectrum of needs for our collaborative partnership. Moreover, our partnership will center YOU. This means that in the spirit of true eclecticism, we will find the tools that work for you and leave the rest behind. Maybe you’ve had other experiences with helping partners and found the treatment modalities too rigid. This is a place to write new stories for yourself—let’s get creative about how that looks!

    On a personal note, I am a mixed-Chicanx nonbinary femme with light skin. I identify as queer, fat, and disabled. I am also a consumer of mental health services and I approach this work with the goal of sharing power. I want you to feel a sense of agency in everything we do.

    In my free time, it brings me joy to be with people and animals. I love watching new shows, listening to podcasts, and updating an ever-evolving playlist of songs for my life soundtrack. Lately, I’ve been following my desire to create things by exploring new hobbies like cross-stitching and baking.