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    Graduate Student Interns

    Wayfinder Counseling also offers a choice to work with one of our clinical interns, who we host for 9-12 months as they learn and grow in their field.  

    There are many benefits to working with an intern. 

    Interns have a lower case load than an associate or licenced therapist, only taking on 6-10 clients. 

    They have  access to a wealth of resources and oversight. They attend both group, and individual supervision each week with fully licensed therapists who have their own areas of specialization.  

    Interns are on the leading edge of current research on mental health, neurodivergence and other pertinent topics.  

    They are also much more affordable. Our interns are $50/hour and are not able to bill insurance.  

    Our interns are enthusiastic, excited, and ready to apply their skills and support you on your journey.  

    Meet Our Graduate Interns

    Hannah King

    Hannah King

    Winter Proginoskes

    Winter Proginoskes