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    Ashley McAllister

    Clinical Intern

    I’m a new therapist, and grateful to be at Wayfinder while completing my Master of Social Work at the University of Washington. After 15 years working at nonprofits focused on social change, I decided to become a therapist because I want to support people in settling into their most empowered and easeful selves. I have benefited from the impact of a strong therapeutic relationship and an atmosphere of warmth, curiosity, and creativity. I will strive to create this kind of environment in collaboration with you.

    I am passionate about chronic illness advocacy, body liberation, and untangling unsupportive belief systems. My goal is to work from an anti-oppressive and strengths-based lens. Outside of therapy, I love getting lost on long walks with my dog, potluck dinners with friends, swimming in lakes, collaging, and watching tv while curled up on the couch.